5 Bad Moments in Sports PR

1. Lance Armstrong: AFTER a wealth of unsavory articles and reports stating the 7 time Tour De France champion had been doping and using performance enhancing drugs, Lance decided to come clean.

Great timing.

He didn’t do it in a way that was subtle by any means, the confession came out during a marathon interview with Oprah Winfrey. The interview itself is almost uncomfortable to watch.


2. The Decision (Lebron James): The most boring event to hit television happened in July 2010 when the NBA star and ESPN decided it would be a good idea to air Lebron’s free-agency decision.

This painfully long special was unnecessary and self absorbed and it created a bad taste in viewers mouths despite the high rating it received. He probably could have been fine with sticking to a regular old news conference.


3. #Sochi Problems: The overall 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games ran smoothly, but there were some mishaps that occurred throughout the competition dealing with the city itself.  A lot of the problems can be called funny at this point, but there were so many that happened that the “#SochiProblems” was adopted all over the world.

The problems included everything from, broken and weird bathrooms, gross hotel issues and etc. all documented by the Olympic Athletes.


4. Tiger Woods Scandal

If ever there was a horribly nasty PR nightmare, it was the moment we all learned Tiger Woods’ squeaky-clean image was just that—an image.

Following a car crash and shocking revelations of Woods’ extramarital affairs, the golfer would see his empire take a massive hit as it pertains to endorsements and fan approval. That, of course, goes along with the tumult in his personal life.

The Associated Press, via ESPN.com, reported at the time that Woods lost roughly $22 million in deals in 2010 because of the scandal.

The odd Nike commercial was also just a little unsettling considering the situation.


5. Donald Sterling

Donald SterlingImage: USA Today (Taken By: Richard Greeley)

After a taped was leaked by TMZ of the L.A. Clippers coach, Donald Sterling, making incredibly racist comments the ensuing fallout was immense — everyone from President Obama to Michael Jordan has condemned the L.A. Clippers owner — has many calling for Sterling to be fired, and his team’s games to be boycotted.

Thankfully Sterling made the right decision to leave the team and the league but his reputation, in a sport that’s over 75% African-American, will forever be ruined.


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