NFL makes moves to saying ‘No More’ to domestic violence

A group of public service announcements from a new campaign against domestic violence from the NFL were posted to YouTube on Thursday with appearances from current and former NFL players including Eli Manning, Cris Carter and Jason Witten.

The videos are supposed to appear during NFL broadcasts on Thursday evenings.

The PSA program comes soon after the NFL has come under investigation for its handling of the Rice case after video was made public last month of Rice knocking out his then-fiancée. Rice, who was entered into a pretrial intervention program to avoid felony charges in New Jersey, initially received just a two-game suspension; punishment NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell later said was too lenient. Rice was cut by the Ravens and suspended indefinitely from the NFL after the video was made public.

The NFL has made a really smart move with these videos considering how many issues they have had with their athletes and domestic violence. It is important to indicate the seriousness of the issue and the zero-tolerance stand the NFL should take when cases occur. These videos should help repair the damaged image the NFL has due to how they’ve handled these problems in the past.

In addition to the videos the NFL really needs to step up and set an example for their fans and perspective athletes alike.

Why the NFL needs to crack down:

  • The athletes are in the spotlight on a daily basis, not only during the season. If anything, they are under more scrutiny off-season as fans wait patiently to watch football again
  • There are many ages of football fans. Young children are looking up to these athletes as role models for where they want to be in the future and it is important that they portray a positive image of how to behave for these younger fans
  • They’re getting paid RIDICULOUS amounts of money. With this amount of money and fame comes a ton of responsibility and it is undeserved if the athletes are getting in trouble with the law and behaving poorly. What does that say about where the teams are spending their money?

The NFL has since hired seven senior advisors with experience in domestic violence and sexual assault to help handle the crisis; craft a new personal conduct policy and education programs. The PSA’s are just one of the programs being put in place and it was definitely the right move.


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