Redskins PR ‘No means No’ Outburst

Monday night football definitely brought the drama! The Redskins-Cowboys game was filled with excitement, exhaustion and merriment after a hard fought victory by the Redskins and star quarterback Colt Mccoy.

Although the game was over, the real drama happened after the game when Tony Wyllie, Washington senior vice president of communications, who was in charge of escorting Colt McCoy’s journey from the field to wherever he was going after that.

Wyllie proceeded to talk to reporters saying, “No, no no, we gotta go guys, we gotta go,” as he was physically moving McCoy past eager reporters waiting to talk to the him after the win.

The interaction escalated into a memorable moment where Wyllie finally shouted “No means No!” This moment has become a humorous late-night joke for many on the internet.

Eventually….. the interview did occur.

Do you think Wyllie overreacted, or is it necessary to protect players and give them time after competition before having the microphone in their face?


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