Australia strives for more female sports fans


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It seems it has come the time on my blog to discuss the topic of women and sports. We have seen the shift for greater quality for women in the athletics world with measure like Title IX and more youth teams and programs made available to girls.

We have seen this push in America for the past couple decades but the movement has recently moved “down under” to Australia where women in sports= big business.

Anthony Everard

Anthony Everard BBL CEO: via Twitter

Senior manager of Cricket Australia’s Big Bash League (BBL) Anthony Everard told the Asia Pacific World Sport and Women Conference that T20, a shorter and faster version of Australia’s so-called favorite sport, was specifically introduced to attract women, children and a wider ethnic mix to cricket.

He said the aim was to make BBL a “favorite form of entertainment for families” by attracting women who may have never attended a cricket match.

women's soccer

Australian National Team via: Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images

Football (Soccer in the U.S.) is also looking to for a fresh change, according to David Gallop, chief executive of the Football Federation Australia . He told the conference there has been a spike in women playing in over-35 competitions.

Women are attracted to soccer because it is a game where you “play the ball not the man” and in which physical and body shape are no barrier to entry.

Soccer is known as a rowdy sport amongst fans with rivalries that can result in violence at matches. The FFA is looking to change the atmosphere in order to encourage more females to attend and get them excited about the sporting events.

The goal of Australia’s campaign to get women involved in sports is not just to create greater equality but ultimately revive the economy. Women make so many of the household decisions about where they spend their money and how to use their families free time and focusing on attracting them would bring in a significant amount of dollar signs.

Isn’t money the goal of everything though?


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