A day in the life of a Quack Caver

I work in the Quack Cave. “What is that?”… you may ask.

UNIVERSITY OF OREGON | Quack Cave from SQUIDDL on Vimeo.

Courtesy of Squiddel

The Quack Cave is the social media command center for University of Oregon Athletics. Think “Bat Cave” with all the technology and screens and cool logos but for everything and anything UO Sports. The cave is somewhere where I feel my almighty public relations skills truly being utilized. I have the power to influence over 14,000 followers with one tweet and that is a pretty cool feeling. I also get to combine my love for all things social media with sports! Not a lot of people can say their job involves sitting and watching ESPN and looking up sports news so I feel pretty lucky that I have this opportunity. Not only is the Quack Cave something I enjoy but U of O has really broken ground for a lot of big teams and companies to create their own social media centers. In order to stay relevant in today’s digital world you have to keep up with the trends in communication or you will fall behind.

I thought it was important to give you guys a little peak at what I do and what sparked the idea for the theme of this blog!

So here it is:

I go in to the Moshlofsky Center next to Autzen Stadium 3 days a week for my shifts where I follow a pretty simple but powerful routine.

1. Grab a delicious coffee and sit down in front of the 12+ screens and monitors

2. Check breaking news on Google, GoDucks.com, ESPN… basically check if there is anything creating a stir in the sports world related to U of O

3. Get on Tweet Deck which is basically a beefed up version of the Twitter app. There I can follow hashtags like #GoDucks, #SuperMariota, NationalBrand etc. I can also retweet content sent in by fans and make interact with them about any comments or questions they have to share. My goal is to create quality content that generates a ton of response in the form of favorites and retweets.

4. Next I hop on Postano where I filter thousands of different pieces of content directed our way. If I see something cool it will post to a live feed: here

5. Lastly I hop on each athletic teams specific Twitter and Facebook accounts to make sure that they are up to date and posting regularly.. which is then recorded up on our fancy whiteboard, also containing all the information on our current hashtags and other noteworthy info for the other Quack Cavers.

So there you have it. A day in the life of a Quack Caver. It is a little known club on campus but boy, do we make a big impact. It helps having such powerful branding from an establishment like the Ducks and I hope to continue to see it grow as the years pass.

Hope you enjoyed!


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