Infographic Time!

This week in class we learned how to present data visually! Overall it was a rewarding experience creating my infographic but I did face some road blocks along the way. Throughout the process I would say I picked up some vital tips that I thought would be useful for my followers.

So here they are:

  • DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! I’m not talking about the quick ‘google search’ that everyone is notorious for doing when they want information. You really have to go in-depth and find articles with substance and relevance. Meaning, that these articles are original sources of information. If you have good data to start out with it helps with telling the story and understanding the point of your infographic.
  • MAKE FRIENDS with someone who is talented at design. If you’re good at the design, congratulations…but for those who are slightly lacking in this department (aka myself) being buddies with someone who has a keen eye for what looks good is a huge help. I was able to come to a design that was simple and effective but still has style and some personality to it.
  • TELL A STORY with your data. Make what you’re presenting visually relevant and important. The data you decide to use should lead you to your “call of action”. What are you trying to get people to do when they see your infographic? These are questions I had to ask myself when I was planning what to include within my graphic.There are some things I would have definitely done differently if I were to do it again but that’s why it’s a project for a class and an overall good learning experience!Erin Nobach Infographic

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