5 Ways for PR Pros to Relax, Slow Down and Reclaim Their Creativity

Augh! So much to do! So many clients! No time for fun or thinking outside the box, there’s just too much! Oh geez, another email! What do I do!

I know I have been feeling a little overwhelmed as finals approach and my senior year starts to come to an abrupt end so I though it would be helpful to share some ways I have dealt with the stress but kept my creative grind going.

Here are five ways you can reclaim your life and your creative mind.

1. Take 15 Minutes


Courtesy of: Chris Kesser

What do you do when you first wake up? Grab your laptop? Check your phone for messages (guilty)? Start writing down things on your calendar?

Consider this: starting your day on such a hectic note makes the rest of your day the same. Instead, take fifteen minutes when you first wake up and do absolutely nothing. And I mean nothing! Don’t check your phone, don’t jot down notes, don’t even think about work.

You can even do this by waking up a little earlier than you normally would and taking a longer shower! Play your favorite music, hang out in the warm water a little. It helps me sort my thoughts and wake up a little before I have to take on the day. Sometimes I come up with my best ideas while I’m hanging out under the shower head.

2. Look Around You

Instead of burying your head inside your desk all day long, take a minute to look at your surroundings. Try and find something you’ve never seen before, or try and see your work area in a whole new light.

When traveling, don’t focus on the destination so much as the journey! It sounds like a cliché, but it’s certainly true. Remember, we work with people – so pay attention to them when you’re venturing around the world! Talk to the people next to you in your classes, relate to their struggles and share your own. I guarantee you’re not the only one who is feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

3. Find a new place to get work done

Change up where you are completing your work and taking on tasks. If your assignment doesn’t involve you sitting at a desk than get outside if it’s nice out (Vitamin D) is healthy! Or go to a local coffee shop down the street where you can people watch while you work. Sometimes a change of scenery or environment can get your mind in a clear space and help you creatively work through your tasks. I love heading to places like Vero in Eugene that involve great coffee and some good music, it not only makes me feel more comfortable but I get excited to go their and get work done.

4. Laugh!


Courtesy of: Evolution Zine

Laughter really is the best medicine. Take time out of your day to find it! Bookmark some good websites for jokes and funny stories. Find a few web comics or sign up to receive your favorite newspaper comics in your email.

Laughing and smiling instantly improves your mood and health, so make sure each day is filled with at least a little laughter! Even with the busiest schedule in the world you can always squeeze in a joke or two.

5. Make Home Your Sanctuary

When you get home, change into something comfy! Your house should be your relaxation zone, even if you’re doing work. Mentally separate your work and pleasure areas by physically changing your outside appearance or even putting on some different smelling lotion or cologne to make your brain realize you are home to relax. Even if you work from home, restrict your work to one room so when time is up, you can get out of there and start to unwind!

How do you relax and reclaim your creativity?


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