What I have learned from starting my own blog

keyboard with fingers

Courtesy of webdesignz.net

Becoming a blogger was never something I dreamed of. I don’t know if it’s something I will keep up once my coursework at the SOJC is over BUT, it has been an eye-opening experience. Producing content about what ever I want has been surprisingly freeing. I have learned a lot about how difficult it can be to come up with topics to write about but I also have seen how satisfying it is when you are proud of what you are posting and excited to talk about something you are passionate about!

This week I thought it would be a fun idea to share some of the life skills I have gained through blogging, and maybe inspire some of you to start your very own!

Writing. Certainly blogging has helped refine my grammatical skills (less vs. fewer, affect vs. effect, etc.). But far more importantly, blogging has forced me to formulate arguments and communicate inspiration using the written word.

Risk-taking. Every time I hit “publish,” I take a risk. There is always going to be a sense of risk associated with good writing as it seeks to advance a particular ideal. But the more practice one gets in expressing their opinion, the easier the risk becomes.

Reading. It’s true what they say, “Writers read.” (Here are some of my favorite blogs: Huffington Post, Post Secret, Cara Loren)

Being Entrepreneurial. I’ve never considered myself the entrepreneurial type (one who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture). But blogging has allowed/forced me the opportunity to do just that… and discover the excitement that comes with it.

Balancing. Friends, work, rest, blogging, other classes, exercise. Striking a healthy balance among each of them is required for long-term success in any of them.

Promoting self. There are hundreds of millions of websites. Your blog may provide valuable information to readers. But if nobody knows it exists, it isn’t helping anybody. At some point, you are required to promote your work to others… and that requires the confidence and humility to engage in healthy self-promotion.


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