My name name is Erin Nobach and I am entering the post-grad world as Public Relations professional within the realm of athletic brand management and social media. I am a passionate, curious, and energetic PR and business student set to graduate from the School of Journalism and Communication at University of Oregon, in Winter 2015.

My sports experience includes over 15 years of playing soccer including a year of playing at the collegiate level in addition to time on the UO Women’s Club team. Although I feel most comfortable with soccer, I am a fan of many sports and anything competitive. My competitive spirit has developed into an ability to be an effective manager and team leader.

My natural leadership ability was strengthened through time spent in the Future Leader Sales Program at Pepsi. As a sales intern in Portland, I was constantly learning to take initiative and further the success of my team’s objectives. I was able to combine my interest in sports and public relations through the marketing of the 2014 MLS All Star Game, which Pepsi sponsored.

I has also occupied a position in the social media hub of Oregon Athletics, also known as the Quack Cave. This position has given me tools within brand development such as the utility of Twitter and programs like Postano. Furthermore, it has allowed me to be a positive presence in the sports community and contribute to the overall fan experience. I plan to use my talents for an athletic company and provide a fresh perspective to creating a digital identity.


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